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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Magpie Miller

Magpie Miller is the perfect pre-Christmas find. Affordable products that are cute and quirky without being annoying. Who doesn't want a button trivet? (Those with koumpounophobia, probably.)

I'd like some hello notecards in my Christmas stocking. They're £8 for 8. You'll need them for your Christmas thank you notes.

And I definitely need some owl pillowcases - they're £22 for the pair.

I wish all of my cups and saucers were as pretty as this. This little set is just £15.

And while I'm wishing for stuff (and hoping that Santa is reading), this gorgeous bike tea towel would be very welcome indeed. Magpie Miller has just made my present buying a total cinch.


  1. Great website, full of such wonderful things! These freaked me out, though...

    1. I wasn't a fan of those either. I distracted myself with the glassware.

  2. That cup and saucer is just divine.

  3. Damn you domestic sluttery blog....just had to buy the button trivet...

  4. I LOVE the trivet :)


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