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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bonkers baubles

Sian's already shown you some of the classier side of Christmas with her brilliant baubles. They're lovely and all but lack some of the true delight of Christmas for me which is all about how completely joyfully ridiculous you can get away with being: whether that's decking out your house in lights and inflatable snowmen or dressing in Christmas jumpers and cracker hats for the whole of December. Or, by indulging in some ridiculously kitschy baubles. Here's some things for your tree that are out of their trees:

This first one combines both festive dressing and silly ornamentation in the form of a Christmas jumper decoration. It's from Heal's and is £4. They've branched out into more knitwear nattiness with mittens and bobble hat decorations too.

Make your tree look like an ass with this donkey bauble. This very cute bauble is part of a whole nativity based theme created by Alessi. So you can get baubles of an oxJosephBaby Jesus or even the Star too. Each are £14 from Utility Design. So far, so vaguely traditional...

Paperchase have gone down a more macabre route with these glitter skull ornaments. I admire their faith in the idea that a spot of glitter can make absolutely anything more festive. And who is to argue with that logic? A set of six costs £3.50.

The blurb for these beasts describe them as the "perfect adornment for those who like an unconventional Christmas tree". While the "perfect" bit is under question, there's no denying the unconventionality of these vegetable ornaments. There's not even a brussel sprout among them as a nod to festive traditions. Instead you get an onion, a potato, a pepper and a cauliflower. £24 buys you the set of four from SCP. Accessorise with a carrot.

Onto what's hopefully safer ground in Liberty - home of tasteful Arts and Crafts patterns and beautifully crafted accessories. What have they got for us?

Collie dog in a Santa hat. Oh, Liberty. If that's not the silly spirit of the season, I'm not quite sure what is. At £10.95, we need to accept the fact this dog probably is just for Christmas, not for life.

Classy or kitsch in your ornaments, which way do you like to decorate for Christmas? And, tell me,  would you ever want to hang vegetables from your tree?


  1. Paperchase's entire glittery Christmas decorations almost deserves an article to itself. Among it's dubious delights there's a bulldog who looks like Elvis and an orangutan in a grass skirt. Both covered in glitter. I want them but my step-father decorates the tree and refuses to allow them near the tree. Sadface.

    1. Oh wow, I really need some more of their glitter in my life. Last month's Living Etc also had some great pin-up girl baubles from Paperchase but I haven't been able to find them online ... boo!

  2. Kitsch all the way! Our tree features sequined dinosaurs, a glittery wedge of parmesan, characters from various children's books, and lots of wine-themed ornaments.

    1. I am now off to find glittery cheese and dinos for my own tree. Suddenly my disco ball decorations don't seem to be cutting it!

  3. Nooooo! The link for the Collie bauble doesn't work, and I need him in my life! He looks *Exactly* like my dog, Bear!!

    1. It looks like Liberty have taken a whole load of decorations down from their website (including the sausage dog Sian wrote about). I'll try and find you an alternative Anonymous!


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