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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The LivingEtc Baubles Auction

Let's forget mince pies and last minute gifts for a second. There's a lot of charitable cheer around at the moment and I want to share some of that with you. Living Etc's bespoke baubles are an absolute treat. A whole bunch of wonderful designers and got together to create a special bauble and they're being auctioned off via eBay to raise money for Crisis.

I love this Lee Broom design. Yep, that's a crystal decanter bauble. It was going for £6 at the time of writing. My guess is it's going to be a little bit higher soon.

Tartan ribbons are always a winner. This one is up for a fiver at the minute.

I think this little lace number by Jo Berryman is my favourite. Only one bid right now, so I could be in with a chance.

You've got until 10am on Wednesday to place your bid. Of course, seasoned eBayers will know to leave that until the auction is just about to close (and then I lose and then I'm really very sad and hate eBay, AND YOU, until the end of days). As well as donating money to Crisis, you could be the lucky winner of a very special bespoke bauble that you'll want to keep forever.


  1. I think the tartan Expectations bauble is my favourite. I'm off to make my bid now!

    1. They're really pretty, but I'll be left in an eBay rage if I don't win. I'm not allowed to play on eBay.

  2. Please give a link for the beautiful bird (last bauble shown above)
    TIA Ruth

    1. We linked to the page with all of the baubles, Ruth! But here you go:

  3. I won the Clarissa Hulse bauble, beautiful! :D


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