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Friday, 28 March 2014

Ten of the UK's best independent shoe brands

Last month I wrote about brilliant independent clothing brands in the UK and this month I'm all about the shoes (mix and match them together and you'll feel very happy indeed). It's much harder to buy indie shoe brands - choice is often small and prices often a lot higher than the high street. But that means the UK's shoe brands that are doing it right are rather splendid indeed.

Kat Maconie
Oh Kat, how you make me nearly wish I hadn't spent all of my money on whisky cocktails at the weekend. Her shoes are bold and fun and always a surprise. The prints and designs are in all different heel heights which make me happy (sizes up to an 8). Prices start at £105 and sometimes get to half that in the sale. Nice website too.

Cleo B
Yes I want gold mix tape heels on my shoes. Cleo B are all about bright colours and 80s vibes and I'm more than OK with that. Prices for flats start at £140, size go up to an 8. These pink mix tape heels are out of my price range at £360 and I'm going to be crying about it for ages.

Kate Kanzier
I know Kate Kanzier does shoes other than brogues but I don't care. At £25 a pair I am aaaaaall about the classic brogues in any colour I can get my hands on. I am wearing some as I type this. They only go up to a size 7, though.

French Sole
If you go to Kate Kanzier for brogues, you go to French Sole for ballet flats. I live in flats, but buying them from the high street can mean paper thin heels that are next to useless and they fall apart in seconds. If you were flats more then three times a week, think about investing in some of these. They're usually £150 and go up to a size 9.

Hetty Rose
Hetty Rose makes handmade shoes from traditional kimono fabrics and they could not be more beautiful. Since they're bespoke they're not at all cheap and the price is pretty much down to you, but they start at £450 and take a month to make in whatever size you want. All heels should look this beautiful.

Kat simply wouldn't forgive an omission of DUO and rightly so. Their classic leather shoes go up to a size 10 in some cases and perhaps more importantly, they come in three different width fittings. And you know what? They're kind of lush. I'm smitten over these teal sandals. Prices start around £75.

Irregular Choice
It's not really a secret that I'm not a huge Irregular Choice fan. Their shoes are so busy and a little 'too much' for me. But you guys (and half of team Sluttery) love them and who am I to quibble? Prices for the slightly odd shoes start at £64.99 and they go up to an 8.

I'm not sure why Frances has been keeping Portamento secret but she only told me about them yesterday afternoon and now I've mentally bought all of their shoes. They're high quality leather, quirky classics. Prices start at around £100 and sizes go up to an 8.

I tend to look at F-Troupe's shoes and think I wouldn't ever wear them. And then I see them with an outfit and they're perfect. One minute I'm all 'jazz shoes and bows? Not for me, thank you very much' and then the next I'm doing a Singin' in the Rain dance down the street. F-Troupe are the wildcard in this bunch and I love them for it. Prices start at £125, sizes stop at a 7.

People instantly recognise Miista's hologram brogues and they're almost always sold out. I can't help feel that those gorgeous shoes tend to take the attention from the rest of Laura Villasenin's range, which I love. At the moment it's all shiny pastels and spring brights. Like you might be going on holiday to some quirky European destination. Prices start at £150.

Want even more shoe-shaped goodness (hi Cinderella, thanks for stopping by)? Read our petite shoe guide for sizes 13-3 and our large shoe guide for sizes 9-13.

Got a favourite independent shoe brand that we haven't included? Tell us in the comments so our feet can look fabulous every day of the year.


  1. Shoutout for Miss L Fire. Amazing retro shoes and SO comfy.

    1. Seconded! I'm a huge fan and you can usually pick up some fantastic bargains once things move out of season.

  2. I giggled a LOT at the DUO mention - you are totally right Sian! They go up to a 10 in boots (love them) and a 9 in shoes. And this is as good a place as any to reminder readers with tricky feet about our shoe guides, both of which feature plenty of indie shops.

    Sizes 13 to 3:

    Sizes 9 to 13:

    1. They're properly excellent. I only really look at the shoes you post but I like loads of their styles. The new bright collection is lovely.

  3. I really recommend Kat Maconie's shoes for comfort. I've three pairs of her flats (all bought on sale) and, thanks to their cushioned sole, they are so comfy. Makes me almost prepared to try out her heels.

  4. Irregular Choice have started doing selected styles in sz 9.

    Also, second the mention of Miista. I love my pair of silk print Zoes an inordinate amount.

  5. Just found this post by chance and I can't thank you enough for featuring my brand, Portamento in your list. You made my day. Thank you again!


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