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Friday, 2 May 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Kate Kanzier, Warehouse & Miista

I should have renamed this Sluttery Sales Zoo this week. We're overflowing with animal magic. 


Liquorish bird print dress, £35 (was £65), ASOS

Been a while since I've included a bird dress, hasn't it? Probably not, but look at this lovely orange one. You should go and have a gander at the rest of the photos, 1) to see the pretty cut-out back, and 2) to admire the model's completely unimpressed face in the final picture.

Safari print dress, £22 (was £28), ASOS

I first spotted this safari dress on Emma from A Beautiful Mess, and immediately began a fruitless ASOS-wide search for it. Defeated and deflated, I figured it must be a US-only thing UNTIL, lo and behold, the elephant and his chums turned up in the sale. You see, I couldn't find it because I hadn't been searching for 'safari'. Why not? Because there's a blimmin' penguin on there, guys.


Red or Dead typewriter bag, £19.99 (was £50), TK Maxx

Help me, dear reader, for I have a syndrome. Every time I see anything with a typewriter on it, I can't help but launch into a Full-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Ting Rendition of the Murder, She Wrote theme tune, complete with over-the-top typing hand gestures (probably only a step down from air guitar, but so much more literary, darling). This Red or Dead bag means I've had to channel all my typing gestures into real-life typing just now, and it was hard. It looked a bit like thiakjejknfoihv\ojoiFREGNGndg7jgfn. *ting*

Music bag, £15 (was £36), Warehouse

Are music bags A Bona Fide Fashion Thing, or is it just Warehouse who's trying to make them happen? I hope they succeed, because I have quite a bit of sheet music I need to carry around with me, namely the Murder, She Wrote theme tune. Gotta perfect those tings.


Miista Purple Haze Zoes, £75 (was £115), ASOS

It's a happy day when a pair of Miista's Zoe shoes get reduced, and it's a double rainbow sort of day when they're as beautiful as these Purple Haze ones. They look like an inkblot test, so you can diagnose yourself as a psychopath while you wait for the number 28 bus.

Daria shoes, £10 (was £25), Kate Kanzier

Kate Kanzier, not noted for having over-priced shoes in the first place, has the best sales. These Daria shoes are a tenner, and have the added benefit of giving you carte blanche to quote Daria constantly while you're wearing them. I do that anyway, to be honest, but I'm hoping the shoes will make me especially withering.


Bliss in the Woods peacock measuring spoons, £15 (was £20), V&A Shop

If you have ever observed me shopping in the wild, you will know that I have a low tolerance for over-priced measuring spoons (I realise this is a pretty niche social justice battle, but someone has to fight it). In Anthropologie, for example, I spend much of my visit simply picking up measuring spoons shaped like an elaborate basket of Victorian wombats, turning them over, shrieking at the price, telling everyone I'm with the price, looking again, setting them back down, going back a bit later to have another look, then reminiscing about it a few hours later. I'm REAL FUN to shop with.

Anyway: these measuring spoons are, as you can see, shaped like a peacock. They also used to be twenty quid. Ouch. Now they're £15, which is still quite pricey for spoons, but I can make an exception for peacocks, because I'm a bit scared of them.

Lavinia's Tea Party Surprise vintage plate clock, £27.30 (was £39), Bouf

My Twee Klaxon has malfunctioned, hasn't it? It often does, but I'm in no hurry to call the repair man, because sometimes a girl just needs a clock made from a vintage Hummel plate featuring two lipstick-wearing German children. I am a little distressed that it hasn't been photographed at the standard clock photography time of 10 past 10, but I have been sufficiently distracted by the butterflies for the time being. (Time being. TIME. Clocks. HA.) 


Clockwise from left: cat elbow batch jumper, £15 (was £22); Ganni Meow sweatshirt, £30 (was £90); cat print bow tie, £4.50 (was £6), all ASOS

ASOS has put all its cats in the sale, so they're getting their very own section this week. I love it all, but my very favourite is the cat bow tie. It's what the air hostesses at my prototype cat airline will wear.

Please tell me about your shopping successes this week! We're all agog. 


  1. I want to hear more about your cat airline. Will this be for transporting cats to warm climates so they can stop sitting about meowing at the wind and rain? I shall invest!

  2. So many pretty things! Why did I choose this month to go on a spending ban? WHY?!

  3. Today you admit that you're scared of peacocks, earlier in the week I called them pretentious buggers. They will be sad and stop reading DS.

  4. You guys are the best. Now the proud almost-owner of a cat bow tie. Had no idea I needed it until now!


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