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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Bag Lust: Kiki's Boutique Travel Satchel

I've got a thing about satchels. They're cute, they're practical and I do really like that whole preppy thing. This travel satchel from Kiki's Boutique is fab. The maps are a cute touch, and so are the little air mail trims. Return to Sender is written on the front in swirly writing. I have way too many handbags already, but this one is only £49.


  1. I love this bag - I think I love the weekend version even more. I knew I'd seen it somewhere before - here in fact!

    Great minds etc ladies...(if only I paid this much attention to the studying I'm supposed to be doing)

  2. Ah! A lass at work has the weekend version too, and I've been coveting it since I first saw it!

  3. Now reduced to £40 if anyone is interested! I have just ordered one.


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