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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Perfect Purses: Burger and French Fries

These burger and french fries purses from Totally Funky are ideal for junk food obsessives who don't want to indulge too often in an orgasmically greasy takeaway feast. They're not elegant or grown-up by any stretch of the imagination, but well, who wants to be sophisticated all the time? They're fun, cute and colourful, and they remind me of Japanese stationery (on which every possible inanimate object has a madly grinning cartoon face).

Designed by Loungefly, they'll set you back £12.99 each and are made from printed and embroidered PVC. And there's always a chance that carrying one of these little chaps round with you might make you less inclined to want the real thing. But I'm not making any promises on that front.


  1. Oooh - cute. Not elegant or grown up? They could suit me perfectly ;)

    Jo X x

  2. Heh, thanks Jo, that's exactly what I thought!

  3. I love these! Obviously.

    More objects should sport inappropriate faces. Let Japanese stationery show us all the way!

  4. Alexis, I actually wrote a whole anecdote about your crazy Taiwanese creations when I first drafted this post. And then I realised everyone might think I was insane and deleted it. But I was thinking of you!


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