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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Feather your financial nest: retro owl money box

Back in the 80s, the kids of the UK were encouraged to save their pennies with Woody and the piggy bank scheme. Trust our Scandinavian cousins to come up with something cooler than ceramic pigs to encourage financial frugality. This Owl money box has been made in Finland since the 1970s and was given out by the Union bank to its young savers.

Though it's almost 40 years old, there's still something really very sweet about this owl and its anxious expression. You'd really have to keep feeding your bird with coins to avoid any feelings of neglect. And imagine trying to look it in the eyes when the time comes to take out your money - I think it's safe to say this little critter would probably be a safe cash stash for quite a long time.

It's available for £8.95 in a wide range of cheery colours on the newly launched UK version of the Hus and Hem website. Owls not your thing? Take a look at the equally retro trees and elephant versions.

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  1. Love, love, love - I had something similar in that exact yellow colour back in the 80's.


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