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Friday 21 May 2010

Sluttery Interviews: Elsy & Vine

See that sponsored item at the top of the page from All Things Original? That's by Elsy & Vine. I popped the kettle on and had a bit of a chat with her this afternoon.

Tell us more about your range and what you do.

Elsy & Vine is knitwear to dress your home in! I design and produce beautiful tactile accessories made to make you feel warm and happy inside.

What's a typical day like for you?

OK, a typical day. I get up and make tea, breakfast, sandwiches etc for the household, if I’m feeling brave I’ll try and engage the teenage daughter in conversation. I take the son to school. Once everyone has got to where they need to be I take my glamorous assistant, Lola out for a walkies. Lola and I then successfully ignore all domestic duties and head straight out to the little studio in the garden. She chews bones. I crank the old knitting machine up. Lovely husband bought me a super automatic knitter so I can sit at my desk and watch the knitting magically appear!

I do all the normal things; answer e-mails, do a bit of surfing, check my fave blogs, sort post etc. No two days are ever the same; some days I work in my sketchbook on new designs, some days I’m sampling the said new designs, other days I’m stock building. Come tea time I appear slightly dazed from the studio and start faffing around pretending to be doing something BIG and fundamental to the smooth running of the household, when actually I’m just waiting for husband to realise that he and the children haven’t been fed and ‘would I like him to get tea on?’ (love that man!). Come the evening I take up the hand knitting…

On other days, I’m part of the fabulous knitwear design team teaching at Winchester School of Art.

What inspires you?

I have come to realise that my inspiration comes mostly from childhood memories; holidays in the 70’s and 80’s, big holiday parks, lots of sand, sunshine and slightly stale caravans and chalets! I combine this with a love for simple graphics. Also, I have discovered that I have a big collection of vintage/retro china which is definitely going to play a part in future pieces. Oh, and I have a BIG thing for wooden buildings...sheds really! I always imagine my cushions in sheds.

What's next for you and your designs?

Next...I am as we speak keenly awaiting the launch of a few new products that I’ve been working on….’view from the car window’, ‘clouds’ and ‘not another garden centre’ which will be available through All Things Original from June.

Which other designers on All Things Original should we check out?

I am feeling very jealous at the beautiful pieces made by Karen Hilton, her Queen (1,2,3..) would look particularly gorgeous on my sofa and I love Clare Nicolson.

Check out more from Elsy & Vine over at All Things Original.

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