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Monday, 28 February 2011

Dream Dress: Red Halter Neck Dress

If I was to magic up my ideal dress in my head, it would look like this (I actually do that a lot, but it's rare anyone sneaks into my imagination and designs them for me). I love this red retro number so much I've already written about it once on A Change of a Dress. And by this time tomorrow I'll probably have bought it.

If the halter neck and retro pattern aren't enough for you, check out the pretty little buttons on the back:

Isn't it pretty? Actually, it's utterly heavenly and it must be mine. Looks pricey too, but Miss Selfridge are wonderful beings and have decided to charge just £50 for it. They're my very favourite shop right now.


  1. Oh I love this! It's the colour - like strawberry sorbet. And I can imagine it would make my waist look tiiiiiiny.

  2. It'd make my waist look tiny and big boobs look humungous and droopy :( I wish I was a seamstress so I could alter the neck line because otherwise it's gorgeous. Have happy times wearing it Siany.

  3. Honestly, Anon, it might make my boobs looks massive too. But I'm willing to try it on and cross my fingers...

  4. You know, I'vre had a look on the site and I think you're right. Those little buttons and the length are perfect and you don't find that very ofetn. I am tempted.
    Also tempted by a beautiful cream lace one which would be perfect for Summer with chunky wooden bangles and strappy flats...Going to get my card out now.
    (Anon again. :))

  5. Keep me posted about how it look, won't you?


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