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Thursday 31 July 2014

Our Favourite Jewellery and Accessory Designers

When I was given the task of putting together the ultimate Domestic Sluttery list of jewellery and accessories, I knew it wouldn't be easy. Everything from creepy claws to pastel clutches have graced our pages over the last five years, and it's safe to say as a team our tastes vary wildly. From Sara's love of all things big and quirky to that time Sian decided to freak us all out with a dead frog necklace, we've seen it all. As far as I'm concerned, this list just scratches the surface, but for posterity's sake, here are my favourites from the last five years.

It goes without saying that Tatty Devine does quirky better than anyone, and (though I haven't counted) I'd hazard a guess that they're one of the most frequently-featured brands within our stories. They do things with acrylic that I never thought were possible. And remember the Rob Ryan collab? We also fell head over sparkly heels for Sugar & Vice (Shark klaxon!) who are very much in the same vein.

Also worth a look for cheap treats is Chelsea Doll, purveyors of dog necklaces and cat glasses. While we're talking quirky, how could we possibly list our favourite accessories designers without a shoutout for the excellent Karen Mabon, the only woman capable of making a twentysomething consider a silk scarf?

Moving on to the animal kingdom, one of my fondest DS memories is a trip to Paris with some of the original team members, when Sian and I stumbled across Origami Jewellery years before everyone and their auntie was flogging paper crane necklaces. I still love their delicate metal creations. Elsewhere in the natural world, Alex Monroe does a lot more than his trademark bees. We love his London boutique, which is a treasure trove of tiny animals and nature-inspired jewels.

Another perennial Sluttery fave, Me & Zena, did a whole shoot where their jewellery was modelled by cats. Even if the jewellery was crap, that would have been enough. But it was fabulous. Who wouldn't want a ring that looks like a little pencil?

If you like your jewellery with less neon, Naomi Greaves does wonderful things with laser cuts. Butterflies feel a whole lot more sophisticated in black and white. Ridley and Dowse favour brushed, etched metal, from delicate flowers to slightly less delicate ice lollies. One of my personal faves, Hoolala's whimsical charms have always been a favourite too, especially the 5-year-old Mr Darcy necklace I still wear frequently.

And then we have the bags. Jump From Paper wins hands down for the most surprising find. If you've ever wanted to be a living cartoon, you need one of these babies. Brit Stitch is probably the only handbag company to have been inspired by a milkman. Miss Ella makes bags that look like woodland creatures, while avid readers are catered to by Disaster Designs and their gorgeous book clutches.

We've also covered novelty bags (another shark klaxon!) ... and all manner of cool coloured leather bags from favourites like Flights of Nancy and White Feather. We showed our love for bowling bags, M&S bags and bags that mention gin. Believe it or not, we even mentioned the odd hugely practical bag.

Needless to say, DS is and will remain a treasure trove of jewels, treats and beautiful bags, so if your favourite is not here, rest assured it's probably somewhere on our pages! And if you want more fashion, beauty and bikini talk from me, I can be found here, here and here.

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