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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Top Ten Barbecue Recipes

Phew! It's way too hot to have the oven on. Your choice is simple; eat cold food or cook outside. Assuming that you don't get caught in a sudden downpour which drenches the food and flames, a barbecue is a pretty delicious option. May we suggest you throw some of these recipes on the barbie?

Burgers. Every barbecue needs a few. We've got burgers to suit every taste! From smoky beef and Thai, to chicken and cheesy. You'll never need to look elsewhere for burgers again.

These sticky ribs are worth firing up the barbecue, even if they're the only thing you cook. Can't find ribs? I've used the same marinade for chicken drumsticks to wonderful effect, there really is no excuse not to try this.

Have you ever noticed how many foods on sticks you find at barbecues? Of course, it's the best way to avoid burning your fingers, just don't poke yourself in the nose while you eat. Gin and tonic lovers will go crazy for these gin-soaked chicken kebabs and vegetarians will love our halloumi skewers. I'd put the Quorn pieces in this barbecue hoisin Quorn recipe on skewers, too.

It's not a barbecue without potato salad. If you have some space on the grill for extra carbs, we've got three ways to barbecue potatoes. Actually, I'm often more excited about the sides than the meat on the barbecue. Case in point - Mexican corn on the cob. No barbecue should be without cucumber and red onion pickle (this comes with a warning: you will eat the whole jar in one sitting).

Don't forget dessert! The ol' banana-on-the-barbecue is a classic for good reason. Try this dairy free version. Not a banana-fan? Try mango skewers instead. See? Food on sticks are a barbecue staple!

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