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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Top Ten Citrus Cake Recipes

"Oranges and lemons," say the bells of St Clements... And we'd like to add limes and grapefruits, please. That's right, we're all about the citrus fruit today! Those fresh and zesty fruits that taste of summer and can lift a dish from, "meh" to "wow!" More specifically, we think you should all go and bake a citrusy cake, we have so many to choose from.

If starting the day with a martini is likely to cause you to fall over in the bus, perhaps a breakfast martini cake is the better option? Cake, marmalade and booze are a brilliant start to any day! (Please eat boozy cakes responsibly.) Orange zest, orange juice and orange blossom water make our Sussex seed cake, a citrus spectacular that you simply have to try.

Floral lavender and fresh lemon combine to delicious effect in this lemon and lavender cake, whilst basil and lemon unexpectedly enhance each other in our lemon, basil and almond cake. If you prefer your lemon unadulterated, our lemon squares are the only way to go.

We couldn't mention limes without our brilliant Mojito cake! Quite frankly, if it contains lashings of rum, we'll love it. Lime and coconut are BFFs so they're the perfect combination for a bundt cake (or fairy cakes if you don't have a bundt pan). Ok, so pie and cake are not the same, but we love lime and chocolate so much that we had to feature our lime meringue pie.

Well, if we're going off-piste with one pie, we might as well go all the way. The Negroni pie is a beautiful way to serve up grapefruit, none of those shovel-shaped grapefruit spoons here! Back to cake, however, we have a lovely (and dairy free) grapefruit and coconut cake to tempt you.

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  1. These all sound delicious- especially loving the thought of lemon and lavender cake!


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