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Thursday 10 July 2014

Sluttishly Feline: Crazy Cat Ladies

Hello internet. I am 34, single, and completely besotted with my cat, who I think of as a tiny housemate who poos in a box and likes to stand on my face at 4am. Essentially, I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it. BEHOLD HER MAGNIFICENCE:

Here she is in her box, which she loves so much she has accidentally eaten it. Who among us cannot relate to that? My life goal is to eventually own 17 indolent cats and bankrupt myself buying them gifts they will ignore. For now, I have embraced the accessories that go with a cat-loving life.

I love my cat nail stickers. They're £3 from ASOS and bring me disproportionate joy. Stick them over nail polish or bare nails, and add top coat to hold them firmly in place.

Remember when Laura B told us about about the Tiny Confessions poster series featuring pets divulging their secret lives? That is still my most favourite Sluttery post and the ever expanding range of prints always makes me laugh (and spend all my money). Small prints are £7.18, large ones are £11.97, and all will bring you such joy.

We told you about Literary Emporium last week and behold: they love not only books, but cats too. These delicate cat rings come with an Ernest Hemingway quote (he lived with a host of six-toed cats whom he named after famous people: RESPECT TO YOU, HEMINGWAY) and cost £11.

This poor ASOS model was so thrilled by her cat patch jumper that she accidentally put on a binbag instead of trousers. Don't say anything, she's terribly embarrassed. Still, the jumper was a reasonable £35 (pure cotton, fancy collar) so she's got change for a pair of shorts.

I love Jeffrey Brown's books, which feature the charmingly drawn adventures of cats. Cat Getting Out Of A Bag has the cat not only getting out of a bag, but also - plot twist! - climbing into bags, running about and chirping at birds. Cats Are Weird features two cats getting up to scrapes like attacking dust, pouncing on leaves, and running away from the vacuum cleaner. Their plots won't win awards but they're drawn with such love that you'll find yourself picking them up again and again, if only to reassure yourself that your cat isn't the only one to behave oddly.

One more book, this time a classic from 1985 - Ernie: A Photographer's Memoir. First published by a small press, it went on to sell over 100,000 copies. Not bad for a book of photos about a streetwise New York puss cat. There's nothing soppy or staged about these pictures; they just beautifully show the relationship between a cat and his owner. And look at his face! The cover alone should sell it to you.


  1. I LOVE ERNIE! I found him in a bookshop in Edinburgh 10 years ago, and he has become my dearest book chum. The photos are just hilarious. (Until Ambridge. Don't tell Ambridge about Ernie or she might kill him. Or worse, me.)

  2. This is the best post on DS ever. All hail fabulous feline-loving females.


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