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Thursday 31 July 2014

The Tall Girl's Clothes Shopping Guide

Really, the answer to the question, "I'm tall. Where should I shop?" is wherever you sodding well like. There is so much flexibility now that there is absolutely no reason why you should be limited to something with a Tall tag in the label - especially because some shops (cough, Topshop) just add a couple of inches on instead of making it fit properly.)

So if you've been pining after a classic Whistles dress, or you love A-Line's skater frocks then go for it! You've got nothing to lose except talking yourself out of some excellent clothes. Try on a load of stuff. It's fashion, it's fun. Well, unless you go on a mission in Oxford Street, then that's really more like hell.

I leave you with my last Tall Girl Treat on Domestic Sluttery: tall girl shops. It's a starting point - dress how you like, be confident and everything will be well.



Shoes are such a potential minefield that they get a post of their own. Bookmark The Ultimate Size 9 to 13 Shoe Guide, and prepare to hand over sizable chunks of cash to lovely, lovely shoes. There is no longer any excuse to cram your feet into shoes, heels, boots, pumps etc that are too small.



Here are my clothing-type specific guides, with shops in more detail below. While specific items may not still be available at time of reading, the "Go here, buy this" remains. Onwards!
And on to shops! Now, this is not exhaustive. There are more tall shops out there. However, these ones are the ones I always go back to, and where I get all my clothes from.

Long Tall Sally

Ah, the ubiquitous Long Tall Sally, home to so many disappointed shopping trips in my teens, but now more likely to turn up some absolute diamonds. I've bought a lot from here over the past three years - their winter pyjama bottoms are so cuddly - but you really do have to try each thing on as sometimes their trousers will come up massively large. If you get the catalogue you get a code each issue for free delivery and returns, which is a big help if you can't get to a shop.

Not perfect, but nothing is. Long Tall Sally's autumn 2014 collection looks extremely delicious, so do keep an eye on them as some of my favourite wardrobe items are LTS classics. For more inspiration, go back through the Long Tall Sally tag.

Marks and Spencer

There's no specific tall range here, but I rarely if ever come out of M&S without either a bag, or a wishlist. Their new website is marginally less terrible than their old website, but I like to go to the Westfield Stratford or Marble Arch stores to get a really good look at the new stuff. Their M&S Collection line is superb, same goes for their accessories, and who can forget the pug dress that melted the internet? Find more Marks and Spencer inspiration on the tag.


Clearly a transparent excuse to include this brilliant photo of my partner in tall crime, Elizabeth, and I, trying on a lot of heavily sequinned Topshop clothing. As I mentioned before, Topshop Tall's fit is largely terrible. But oh! They do tall Christmas jumpers! And when they bring Baxter jeans back in every so often, that's why you shop at Topshop. They really are the best jeans ever. I've tried any number of other shops, and even Topshop's other types, but Baxters fit brilliantly and don't lose their shape.

(And I totally did get a sequinned jumper in the end. And a skirt.)


Smart dresses for the office can be a real arse for tall girls so hurray for Monsoon, which is simply brilliant for wrap dresses as well as knit dresses for winter. Have a look at their other clothes we've featured over the years: unsurprisingly, I adored their sparkly jumpers, but their artsy shirts are also the first thing I elbow people out of the way for in their excellent sales.

Tall Girls

This is another company that has come on a frankly staggering amount since I was a teenager. Their pop-up appearances in Regents Park bring a really good selection of clothes and shoes to town, and their fit is excellent, even if the fabric quality can wobble about quite a bit. Again, really worth trying stuff on if you can, but when you find something good, it really, really is very good.


Seriously, where would we be without ASOS? The world would fall apart. I'm so pleased ASOS Tall has finally launched, and the clothes and design are just great. I lost my beloved cape just before moving offices, and psychically ASOS have brought out an even cooler one seemingly on my behalf. Thanks very much for that ASOS. A great mix of original designs and tall brands, and I can't wait to see what they do for trousers in the autumn.


That's it for Tall Girl Treat on Domestic Sluttery - if you're in the mood for more tall clothes picks, I will be blogging over on my own site, Exotic Maypole, and on Twitter @katbrown82. If you need me, I'll be scrolling through the DS Tall Girl Treat tag and weeping sadly, but always standing upright. We are tall, ladies, and fabulous - not fallen coathangers.


  1. I'm not quite tall enough to fit into the call section at shops but I do shop in them because I like a longer length, can't walk in high heels and like long sleeves.

    Great post, thank you!

    Jx - Feeling Stylish

    1. Very glad to help! Happy shopping Jess x

  2. I'm ridiculously relieved to hear that you will continue this on your own blog - I'm 6'1" and absolutely hate shopping (so many people... and changing rooms make me want to die), and was panicing about what I was going to do without you to suggest stuff for me.

    1. and let's face it - All the tall things is a nice blog, but the fact that about 70% of the posts start 'I'm so behind in posting!' really says it all.

    2. That is completely great to hear! And a spur to post a bit more regularly ;) I have sometimes found it really difficult to find anything inspiring though, so it will probably stick to once a fortnight unless true amazingness comes along.

  3. Thank you for posting all of the wonderful Tall Girl things. Brilliant for tall girls... and tall 'girls' <3


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