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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Etsy pick: Fox stole necklace from Bbel jewellery

As a visitor to the Bust Craftacular last Sunday I was treated to an amazing array of goods from talented makers. There were stalls from Domestic Sluttery favourites such as Lost at Sea, BannBee and Brat and Suzie and lots of exciting new discoveries too. As well as admiring the skills on offer, I couldn't help but wonder if foxes are the new owls - their little vulpine faces seemed to crop up on every stall.

One of my fantastic mr fox finds was from Bbel - a new maker to me - who makes quirky jewellery that's available to all through the joy of Etsy.

I fell in love with their Fox stole necklace. Inspired by the glamorous but oh-so-cruel fox stoles sported by 1920s Hollywood starlets, this references the look with absolutely no animals being hurt in the process. The silver silhouette of a fox's head sits at one end of the metre long chain, while the fox's tail shape hangs at the other end. The idea is that you wrap the chain round your neck as you would do with a scarf, leaving the fox draped elegantly around you. Such a simple idea but so pretty.

This necklace costs $59 but for cheaper, more naturally inspired wonders, take a look at their feather hair clips and the lightning earrings. In fact, they've got everything you need to look pretty foxy.


  1. OMG its gorgeous, i really wannit

  2. You should check out Kim's stuff at Finest Imaginary for luverly foxiness.

  3. Thanks for featuring my fox stole! The Bust Craftacular was great - and amazing that so many people turned up on what must have been the hottest day of the year so far! I'll be putting lots more designs into the shop over the next week - I'm busy cutting, sawing and polishing at the moment!
    Bethan, Bbel


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