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Friday 30 July 2010

What herbs do the Sluts swear by?

Herbs and spices are vital to the Domestic Sluts. But there are always some that we use more than others. Some that we buy every single time we go shopping, just in case we're running low (and yes, that means we've got coriander and paprika coming out of our ears. But what are our favourite herbs and spices?

Siany: A while back, I asked Miss Cay what bay leaves really did. After all, you take them out when you're done, so they can't do much, right? She soon showed me the error of my ways! They make everything super tasty! The flavours are deeper, my dishes just taste... better. Like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen rather than making it up as I go along. There's some in with a baked chicken dish at the moment.

Gail: I use cinnamon all the time, whether in biscuits and cakes or savoury dishes like beef casseroles. And good old parsley always seems to make something taste fresher, gives some colour and happily it's available all year around.

Sam: The holy trinity of oregano, basil and rosemary. Oregano takes me into Italian signora territory pronto, basil is Mr Fresh in everything from pasta to a summery salad, and good old rosemary elevates the humble roast into a spiritual experience. Divine.

Michelle: I love anything that gives my food a bit of an extra kick. I am currently loving smoked paprika, which is technically a spice rather than a herb I know, but it adds a fabulous warm and spicy kick to our household favourite chicken with chorizo and butter beans. Yum!

Sarah: It's got to be coriander, and not just because I love hearing my Californian friend drawl 'cilantro'. Whether it's adding a certain something to my chorizo and lentil soup or taking centre stage in chunky guacamole, I just love the taste.

Abi I'm completely obsessed with Dill! It's so distinctively fresh and clean, and I think it makes almost any dish taste like summer.

Madévi: Ah, the humble parsley. Not that upstart the flat leaf parsley, no, but his more affable, nutty flavoured and slightly neglected older sibling, the curly parsley. Can't have risotto without it. And finely chopped with garlic and olive oil, it gives just the right kick to a seafood pizza.

Sel: I am lost without some form of basil loitering in my kitchen. If I could remember to look after a plant properly, I would have my windowsill full of the stuff at all times! I think mint is a bit overlooked as well - try some in your next tomato based sauce, it works well trust me!

Alex E: I am a cumin fiend, so much so that I have to buy industrial sized containers of the stuff from a local Asian supermarket. Schwartz just ain't big enough for me! Cumin's got a great, earthy, savoury flavour that gives a kick to dishes from curry to fajitas.

Flickr image from Shaun Allen's photostream.

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