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Monday 26 July 2010

Etsy Pick: Jewellery by Japonicas

Dear me. To safeguard myself from a poverty-stricken future, I should probably just find away to lock Etsy away from myself, ban access to it from any computer in the house, sigh sadly but then briskly move on and pretend from that day forward that it doesn't exist.

Because every time I idly browse it during a tea break, I end up in love with yet another designer or item. And Japonicas is one of them. Their pieces are whimsical and romantic, and even though those adjectives aren't usually my cup of tea, these have got a dreamy magic I can't resist.

My favourite is this double pendant featuring two gorgeous photos of a boy losing his balloons (I know that sounds filthy, but shush, you smutty devils, this is beautiful and tragic) in antiqued brass settings with a signature flower clasp to the chain. It's $38USD.

This statement necklace is like an amped-up charm bracelet, with a birdcage, Victorian locked, butterflies, Eiffel Tower, hearts and roses. It ties at the back of the neck with a thick ribbon, and will set you back $58USD.

And for anyone still missing Paris as much as us after our adventure there earlier this year, a camera necklace with honey-coloured crystal on a delicate brass chain with a hand-stamped tag reading 'vous ĂȘtes mon destin' (sighs or sickbags at the ready, that's French for 'you are my destiny'). It's $58USD. Although if I owned it I might want to run away on the Eurostar every time I wore it. So maybe it's best if I steer clear.

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