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Monday 12 July 2010

Lego Love: Lego Brick Storage Boxes

You know we love Lego. Whether it's used to make wallets or wind-up torches, we just can't get enough of the retro brightly-coloured plastic bricks. So, of course, these brand new Lego brick storage boxes are already rather dear to our hearts. Available in a selection of colours including blue, white, yellow, red, pink and green, they're available to pre-order now for delivery in August from A Place for Everything, priced at £26 each.

They're bold, bright, and modern, and they do click together just like their miniature counterparts. So, if you so desire, you could use them to make a giant Lego sculpture, and hide away all your essential but unsightly belongings at the same time. Make a feature wall, stack them on top of wardrobes or under a bed or use them somewhere unexpected like in a bathroom or home office. Maybe it's because we're just big kids at heart, but we can't wait until ours arrive so we can get playing and making oversized Lego masterpieces.


  1. Oh my goodness, HOW wonderful are these? I think I may need to get some for the children's bedroom! Cath xx

  2. Wow - these are fab. I want lots of them to build a big lego building or have I missed the point?! Nixi

  3. Thanks for all the comments, ladies! Glad you're feeling the Lego love too!

  4. Thank for the great feedback guys! My first batch of LEGO storage boxes are due into stock this Thursday & I've also made extra colours such as white and seems we're selling to more big kids than small!
    Cheers Simon @


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