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Wednesday 28 July 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday: Silver Zebras by Turner Pocock Cazalet

I seem to remember Siany saying a while back that she wanted wallpaper printed with giraffes. At the time, I remember scoffing, thinking any wallpaper patterned with animals was certain to come in crayon-bright, child-friendly colours (probably wipe-clean, but with someone as clumsy as me around, that's not always a drawback), probably intended for brightening up a kid's bedroom.

I never thought animal wallpaper could look sophisticated, but now I might have to eat my words. Because this zebra wallpaper by Turner Pocock Cazalet on Etsy is pretty elegant and grown-up. Featuring a print of galloping zebras in pewter, silver and charcoal on a matte grey background, I'm convinced this would go well in a lounge with lots of dark wood frames and muted lighting. It's still not giraffes, but they're close enough for me. Whether Siany will be convinced is another matter. It's $107USD for a 10m roll.


  1. Have to agree - I never thought I'd want zebra wallpaper unti I came across this design recently. It looks great and the wall and works for so many more rooms than simply children's bedrooms. Didn't know TPC sold on Etsy as well.

  2. That is so cool! Love it.

  3. Amazing - the word is that they're about to bring out the Zebra in a new colourway too!! SO excited to see what it looks like!


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