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Friday 17 August 2012

Awesome things to do this weekend

What do we do at the weekends without the Olympics? We don't remember. There's a massive sport-shaped hole in our lives, so we're going to fill it with brilliant and fun things for you to do. Of course, you could just get your friends together and have a massive game of rounders in the park. That's almost the same.


Oxford: The Merchant of Venice. Not only is this one of our favourite Shakespearean plays, Creation Theatre want you to get involved as an audience. They're asking you to draw, tweet, paint and photograph as you watch the show. That sounds like lots of fun indeed. Tickets for tonight's show are £22 and we want to go.

Bath: Bath Folk Festival. Like folk music? Like Bath? Like the two together? Yep. Us too. This is definitely the music festival to head to this weekend. It's been going on for a few days, but it's worth playing catch up this weekend as there's some really excellent stuff going on.


London: Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. You know what's fun? Pressing buttons. Any museum that has buttons you can press and levers that you can pull gets the thumbs up from The Domestic Sluts. (Especially if they're big and red and you're not supposed to press them.) At Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, you're allowed to press the buttons and the bring the mechanical theatre to life. The event is at Space Station Sixty Five in Dulwich until September 7th.

Sheffield: Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol is said to be the most photographed artist of the 20th Century, but this exhibition explores his self-portraits and what they say about him. It's at the Graves Gallery and it's totally free. Check the times before you go - Graves is only open from 11-3 on Saturdays so you might have to hurry along your late lunch.

Newcastle: Quentin Blake, Large as Life. If you grew up reading Roald Dahl books, the chances are you were a massive fan of Quentin Blake's illustrations as well. Whether it was his creepy drawings of George's grandma in Gorgeous Marvellous Medicine, or the adorable pictures of Miss Honey in Matilda, the artwork is as famous as those stories. He's been creating artworks for hospitals and this is a collection of them.


Bristol: Cabot Circus Food Festival. There's not much better on a Sunday than a pootle around eating lots of tasty snacks. Head down to the Quakers Friars on Sunday for the food festival instead of going to your Sunday lunch.

Leeds: VW Festival. Classic cars, good music AND beach-themed fancy dress in the sunshine? Oh, Leeds. You're spoiling us. Day tickets for the VW Festival are just £13.

Edinburgh: I Heart Peterborough. We're not in Edinburgh yet, so we asked someone who was and I Heart Peterborough could not have been more heartily recommended. It's at the Pleasance and it's £11. It starts at 5:45 so you've got time to catch it before popping out for something to eat. Thanks, Will!

What are you doing this weekend?

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