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Friday 24 August 2012

Etsy Pick: Sophie Dear Galaxy Necklaces

Necklaces are my jewellery of choice. I appear to own a vast array of necklaces and on a quick survey of my collection I appear to be attracted to the quirkier end of the jewellery scale. Costume jewellery is all good in my book and the more it stands out the better. 

Trying to find the words to say just how much I love these intergalactic galaxy necklaces is most difficult - lets just say, it's a lot. Sophie Dear lockets feature beautifully detailed prints of space. The large galaxy necklace above features a blue star cloud and is set on a unique vintage brass pendent and chain. It costs just £14 which makes it totally high street competitive.

The hidden galaxy ball necklace is a plain gold ball pendant which opens up to real a mini galaxy inside. This one reminds me of the awesome APOD app. Instead of staring at galaxies on your iphone you can just open your locket to find a mini one at your fingertips.

These adorable mini galaxy locket's are no bigger than your fingertip and available for just £9. They come in a range of space prints. I

Sophie Dear jewellery is out of this world (arf, arf!) but also available on Etsy along with other handmade designs, priced between £9 and £14.


  1. Kimberley Cooper24 August 2012 at 10:05

    I'm obviously ahead of the trends as I got 2 of these in the post from Sophie Dear only yesterday!

  2. Do you have the complete collection of Vintage Necklace? You can find it all here!

  3. It looks like the galaxy thing out of men in black!


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