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Monday 20 August 2012

The Milky Way: Coffee and TV style

In the huge 1990s battle of Blur vs Oasis, I was always a Blur girl. One of my first gigs was seeing them at Hull Ice Arena where I managed to lose one of my trainers in overexcitement. So the recent Blur gig in Hyde Park was a complete trip down memory lane. I had a nice little sob along to Tender, a throw-myself-about to Song 2 and a desire to desperately hug all my friends when they played The Universal. I even managed to keep my trainers on this time. Though I did debate this point at length, my little teenage heart always belonged to Graham, so it was a moment for me when he stepped up to sing Coffee and TV. And then that triggered another memory: I remembered Milky, the wonderful milk carton from the video to the single.

It seems that Milky lives on in lots of people's hearts, even if he doesn't quite make it to the end of the video. He's got a devoted fan page here. And he seems to have inspired quite a lot in the world of design, given his humble milk carton status. There are pretty ceramic versions of milk cartons, there's a deluxe Olympia le Tan bag, and there's also this little lot:

Like Milky, this half pint garden is deceptive. It looks like a milk carton but is actually a clever herb growing kit containing everything you need to grow basil, mint and thyme. You can get this milk for £10.95 from The Balcony Gardener.

I mentioned Gemma Correll last week, but how can I resist mentioning her again when her designs are as funny as this? This spoiled milk magnet shows you what happens when milk goes bad. At just £3, you might be able to afford a pony too.

This creamer is part of the Blond-Amsterdam Blondelicious range from John Lewis. Each item of the service has its own character, so say hello to Mr Milk. He'll cost you £8.95.

And, finally, the original superstar: you can buy official Milky Blur merchandise, including this rather natty baby grow. Sized for children of up to 18 months, it costs £15.

For my own personal tribute, I'm going to now go and make myself an extra milky cup of tea and raise my cup to the little guy.

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  1. These are all so cute! That milk jug may have to be mine.


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