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Friday 31 August 2012

Home Sweet Home: Best New Bedding

I have been resisting the urge to pop the heating on this week. Instead I have been making like a sausage roll with layers of blankets wrapped around me. Autumn is upon us and the time for snuggling is here. As a self-confessed blanket fiend I am quietly known for wanting to hoard ALL the bedding. I have vintage suitcases and wicker chests filled with an array of bedding. It is just another one of my weird collecting habits.

In true collector’s fashion I have begun hunting out what is new in the world of bedding and finding some wonderfully quirky designs.

For an interactive bedding experience at a fun price, this doodle duvet is £65. It looks like a giant note pad and comes with eight wash-out colour pens. You can doodle on your bed to your hearts content and have a fresh start every time you wash it.

Rhododendron's are marginally hip again these days, which pleases me greatly because I never really fell out of love with the bushy flowers. Orla Kiely adds her retro design twist to the humble rhododendron for this rather lovely duvet set. Priced between £65 and £95, this might be on my dream bedding list for a little while longer, or at least until the man in the red suit comes along.

Urban Outfitters offer a Persian-style patchwork quilt with lovely rich, sumptuous colours. It is ideal for adding a striking change to your bedroom. It is 100% cotton and king-size at the royal price of £120. So this might be for those wanting an investment piece.
Heals have taken inspiration from the 1969 Lucienne Day sunrise print for this striking avant-garde bed linen range. With prices between £30 and £100 it is a relatively affordable way to update your bed clothes with cool blue, green and lilac.   

This is possibly one of my favourite bed linens designs and it may or may not be helped by the super plump bedding in this photo. The Jonathan Adler duvet cover featuring a striking 70s palette with retro flame pattern has a 400 thread count which I believe means it is particularly cosy. It is certainly in the higher price bracket at £97 but I'm going to keep my eye on it all season for a potential drop when the sales come around.


  1. Oh my. I must buy the doodle duvet AT ONCE. It's brilliant!

    1. I'm a compulsive list maker, this duvet is perfect for me!

  2. My fella just doesn't get my excitement about new bedding, actually he kinda dreads when I get new bedding as it means I completely rearrange the bedroom to "go" with it. Obviously the wardrobe goes better with *this* new duvet if its over in the other corner

  3. I have a bedding obsession at the moment. Just bought some gorgeous Horrockses bedding in the sale. Been on my wishlist for ages.

    Have you seen Heals Snurk granny crochet blanket bedding?


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