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Thursday 30 August 2012

Waxing Lyrical

Ever since we brought you the magical delight that is Ryan Gosling colouring-in books last week, I have been in a near-constant state of longing. No, not for *gratuitous link to photos of attractive Hollywood actor klaxon* Ryan Gosling, but for wax crayons. Now, I know I'm the wrong side of 6 and should probably have outgrown crayons several decades ago - but I haven't, and you can't make me. So there.

Imagine my unadulterated joy when I discovered that Crayola has created a range of nail varnishes. Imagine how that joy doubled, perhaps even trebled, when I saw the packaging. Just like a box of crayons. Marvellous. Unfortunately, these aren't available in the UK yet, but you can buy them stateside from Fred Flare for $12 (about £7.50). The delivery charges seem pretty ridiculous, though (read: prohibitively expensive), so my joy has waned momentarily.

A specific scent can bring your childhood memories flooding back, can’t it? The very whiff of a freshly-opened box of crayons transports me to my doodling days. I'm pretty sure I don’t really want to smell like crayons, though. If you do, this Demeter Crayon cologne is for you. Or you could just colour-in your wrists. 

It turns out that designers Charles and Ray Eames shared my love of the wee waxy wonders. This Eames ‘Crayons’ mug uses a pattern inspired by their belief that “the smallest things in life are the best, because they are the ones that make us nostalgic.” It’s £9.40 from Made In Design, and there’s a matching notebook, too. 

Over on Etsy, Que Interesante is selling these nifty chemistry crayon labels to stick on our Crayolas, telling us the chemical element, compound, or reaction that corresponds to each colour. No, really. Apparently Barium Nitrate burns the colour of a green Crayola! I am so in love with these, and for less than a tenner - £9.72, to be freakishly precise – they can be mine. 

Further adding to my overall mature, sophisticated, and worldly-wise air, I am firmly in the gaudy and plastic camp when it comes to jewellery, so this Punky Pins crayon charm necklace is ticking all my boxes. It’s £15. 

If you prefer your crayon-chic to be, well, a bit more chic, Hilary Laing is the woman for you. Her textile designs are inspired by childhood, and most of her prints are a riot of colourful, scribbly, crayony goodness. This Ilaria Scarf is £60, while the Ilaria bracelet is just £15. And to continue our robot love this week, these frilly knickers are £12.50.

So, what was your favourite Crayola colour? Mine was Periwinkle Blue. Here's a handy infographic to aid your memory. Look! Look at all those colours! Hang your heads in shame, rainbows. You ain't got nothing on Crayola.


  1. I'm pretty sad that I don't smell of crayons today.

  2. Me too. I might have to do some colouring-in later to rectify this situation.


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