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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Wacky Practicals Coffee Dripper

Some days, tea just won't cut it. I know, I know. But it's a thing that some mornings dictate that you cannot function without the huge hit of caffeine that only coffee can provide. I am having one such morning. But my cafetiere is a) too big for just me and b) on top of my cupboards and I can't reach it without getting out ladders etc.That's a faff too far for my inherent laziness to conquer.

Which is why I wish I had a collapsible coffee dripper in my gadgets drawer. True, it is not the prettiest of things but it is useful. You could keep one at work for when you can't face instant nor have to pay over the odds for a take away coffee. Or have one at home if there's only one person in the house who drinks coffee. Wacky Practicals advocate it as a camping accessory. It'd certainly come in handy for my camping trips. Apparently children wake up even earlier than they normally do if they're camping. For £5.99, I'll take it. Hit me up, caffeine!


  1. You should try an Aeropress for those times you just want to make one or two cups. Fantastic gadget that produced fantistic coffe.


  2. I'd love to say that my (full-size) cafetiere is too big for just me...


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