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Friday 24 August 2012

Domestic Sluttery's Go-to Glassware Guide

Consider this your definitive cocktail glass primer. If ever you're wondering what a particular vintage glass is for or you're just bored of serving up a mojito in an NYC mug red wine glass, then you need Domestic Sluttery's go-to Glassware Guide.

Each glass has a different purpose, they're not just for looking pretty on your shelf. Some keep your booze concoction cool, some allow bubbles to fizz, some even let the ice melt evenly. If you put a bucks fizz in an old fashioned glass, you're going to have flat and warm fizz before you're even halfway through your tipple. This guide solve all of your glassware dilemmas, so you can just get on with enjoying your booze.

1. The Beer Mug
Fantastic for Shakey Petes, micheladas and hearty Bloody Marys. They'll hold about 500ml and you should keep a couple in the freezer.

2. The Brandy Snifter
A distended bowl, short stem, great for a cheeky Sazerac, some calvados or even a burnt brandy.

3. Champagne Coupe (or saucer)
Let's get this out of the way right now, the myth I'm hanging on to is that its based loosely on the bosom of Marie Antoinette. Made infamous by Babycham, the wide circumference actually makes it pretty useless at holding bubbles but aesthetically it is my cocktail glass of choice and equally perfect for sours and Daiquiris.

4. Champagne flute
Gloriously self-explanatory and beautifully iconic, this European and in my opinion preferred glass for sparkling wine keeps a narrow opening allowing the drink to maintain its fizz. That's right… fizzier Bucks Fizz, and sparklier Airmails for longer.

5. Collins/Highball Glass
Perfect for a Tom Collins, Mojito, Mai Tai or any cooler, this narrow tall glass is an essential (if, unlike me, you have more than a shelf for your barware).

6. Jam Jar
I know certain people may chastise me for this, the jam jar is an incredibly versatile bit of cheap glassware for your collection. Part shaker, and even sometimes part cup if you're at a loss when you're on holiday or out of your comfort zone, it's a really easy way of shaking up a great cocktail.

7. Julep Cup
Always go for stainless steel if you can, this is a fairly unique example of where the vessel can make a traditional julep that little bit more special. Fill it with ice, poke a mint sprig in the top and take on the best cosmopolitan bars.

8. Margarita Glass
Let's not make any pretensions here this glass is for fun. For 'Prince Harry naked billiard' fun. Fill it with a lemongrass and chilli margarita or freeze/blend your way to frozen tequila bliss.

9. Martini Glass
There are two types of martini glasses. First is the enormous 'we're going to head to alcoholism' type of martini (they're about about 200ml and this drink will usually have some sort of fruit in, like the porn star martini) and the delicate 'sure I can have three of these at lunch, they're tiny' types of martini (they'll take about 100ml). By and large, when I talk about martini glasses and measurements I'm talking about the latter.

10. Old fashioned glass
If Don Draper did glassware, he'd do this. Perfect for Sazerac's, Old Fashioneds and anything that needs a good bashing/muddling/sitting-in-ice.

11. Pony glass
I've still never got round to buying any of these, but wow I wish I had a liqueur cabinet to justify a set. If you have some sloe gin or cherry brandy to hand, this is the one for you.

12. Punch cup
Ideal for a glass of Nicola 6 or the famous (and dangerous) Sluttery Pitcher, they're an amazing kitsch addition for the entertaining hosts amongst you.

13. Shot Glass
Grab a bar spoon, layer up those cocktails and let the fun begin. This glass is sturdy and equally adept at holding a slug of tequila as it is sharing a Crack Baby.

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