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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Ella Doran Vinyl Tableware

There are two reasons why I haven't yet indulged in my dream to lounge around on sunny days with whisky cocktails listening to vinyl on a record player:

1. I don't actually own any vinyl records. Which is a pretty big part of the plan.

2. Er, I don't have a record player either, nor do I have room for one.

So that scuppers my dream (at least for now) - but I've found the next best thing.

Ella Doran has teamed up with Kavel Rafferty to create a range of coasters, table mats and cushions based on old record players and vinyl.

The textures, the colours, the styles - they're all represented gorgeously here, yet they're nice and flat so I can fit them into my spatially-challenged abode (I like to call it 'cosy').

The coasters and table mats come in a range of six different designs, all of which are very sexy if you ask me.

Coasters are £21 for six, and the table mats come in three sizes: the smaller are £42.00 for six and the large ones are £60.00 for six. They also do a euro mat for £16.95.

There are three cushions to choose from, starting at £46.25 for a 30X30cm, but you can also get a 45X45cm for £63 or a 40X60cm (pictured) for £65.

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