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Monday 13 August 2012

The winner of the UK mini break!

Wow, when we teamed up with Enjoy Bed & Breakfast to offer you a luxury mini break, we were basically inundated with entries. You guys need a holiday! Or a massive cup of tea drink. We gave you a choice of five wonderful destinations, and two stood out as the clear favourites. The glorious Frog Street Farmhouse in Somerset, and My Edinburgh Life in erm... Edinburgh. The winner actually picked My Edinburgh Life and we're hoping that she takes us with her. So who was the lucky entrant who won?

*drum roll*

SarahC! Congratulations! Here's what Sarah had to say:

"I'd love to go the The Living Room in Bournemouth as we haven't been to the seaside in yonks, but it's a bit far away. My Edinburgh Life would be amazing instead - it's gorgeous and relatively close to the Zoo - pandas!"

Pandas! Yep, we approve of panda holidays. Sarah, just email us and we'll get your trip sorted for you. The rest of you? Head over to Enjoy Bed & Breakfast and have a search through the rest of their properties - you all deserve a little bit of a break. We got our eye on Snooze in Brighton.


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Please stop by and tell us all about your adventures on your return.

    2. Just wanted to say that I stayed in that very room in Feb. and it was lovely - contemporary but cosy with a huge bed and a really sweet little 'kitchenette' (I'm cringing at using that word, really). And yes, there might have been a panda-sighting. Thanks again!

    3. So pleased you had a great time!


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