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Monday 13 August 2012

Geek Chic: I Heart Spreadsheets Mug

So last week I found a legitimate way to procrastinate at your desk and this week I bring you something to show your dedication to the cause. What cause? The cause of spreadsheets, my friends. 

Now, call us crazy but there's a few of us Domestic Sluts who love a bit of spreadsheet action. Even the most basic of formulas can help transform your life from chaos into organised chaos. You can colour code them and everything. In short, we're rather fond of them. And in case anyone was questioning your commitment to work while the Olympics was on (they clearly don't understand multi-tasking – of course you were able to answer emails and watch the diving at the same time), you can wave this mug in their face as proof positive that you are on top of the game, the Usain Bolt of the office, the Jessica Ennis of pivot tables.

Geek Smart are here to help you out with this display of work based winning. You can buy the mug from them for £4.80.


  1. I really do. My latest spreadsheet is called 'Things To Do'. A different sheet for 'Life' tasks, month tasks and for the day.

    I probably spend more time updating the spreadsheet than I do actually doing Things.

  2. Is it wrong to buy this for yourself? I've just been spreadsheeting my wedding flowers quotes with formulae depending on the number of bouquets for different size bridesmaids, varying number of button holes plus different options for the centrepieces - I know how to have fun!

    1. I should say you need it as a reward for being so super organised! Were I ever to get married, I know I'd have spreadsheets for EVERYTHING.


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