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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Cocktail Hour: Brandy Alexander

I'm a huge fan of brandy. Possibly more than any other spirit. And definitely more then whisky which I'm really not a fan of. But there aren't a huge amount of cocktails that have brandy in them. Shame really. But, it's not a subtle drink and only works with a few other flavours. Still if you get it right, a brandy cocktail like this Brandy Alexander can be very lovely indeed.

You'll need these things:
  • 75ml Brandy
  • 25ml Creme de Cacao
  • 50ml Cream
  • Grated nutmeg
And you'll need to do these things:

Shake everything together in a cocktail shaker, then pour into a martini glass. Sprinkle on the grated nutmeg and serve. See? Simple but brilliant.

Flickr image from jasonlam's photostream.

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