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Tuesday 4 August 2009

Cupcake book with attitude!

As you know, us Domestic Sluts love things with cherries on. Which was why I was initially drawn to this fabulous book whilst on holiday in not so sunny Devon last week.

Kate, the author and cake-baker extraordinaire, has such a way with words, its as if its been written for all of us Domestic Sluts (the book is even sectioned into low faff, mid faff and high faff recipes!). Its absolutely brilliant and full of top tips on how to make amazingly yummy cupcakes, including savoury ones with smoked salmon flowers on top! It also teaches you some nifty tricks which is why I am rather chuffed at these cupcakes featuring pink icing roses that I made yesterday.

I'm not normally a dainty decorator, I favour more of a drizzle and dash approach so if I can make these then quite frankly, so can any one of you. They taste scrumptious and are bound to impress all of your friends.

Go on, get yourself off to Amazon where you can pick up this fountain of cupcakery knowledge for just £5.99!

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  1. Those sugar flowers are amazing! Can't believe you made them yourself!


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