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Tuesday 4 August 2009

Reviewed: Easy Elegance by Atlanta Bartlett

Being a bit of an interiors design newbie, Easy Elegance is the first interiors book that I've ever read and so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But first things first: What is easy elegance?

According to author and interiors stylist Atlanta Bartlett, easy elegance is about creating a home that looks stylish, lived-in and is a reflection of you. It's a pretty wide remit, which is great as it gives Bartlett loads of space to explore different styles, from Retro to Country and Modern to Feminine.

I was expecting Easy Elegance to explain exactly how to achieve the looks in detail, right down to what techniques to use and products to buy. But with this book it seems as though Bartlett wants to provide inspiration rather than dictate what should be in your home.

Bartlett gives plenty of advice throughout the book, but I found it too wordy to be of much use - if I'm reading a guide, I don't want to wade through several paragraphs to find the advice that I want (I'm definitely a lists and bullet-points person).

That said, the book has a seriously fantastic resources section listing all the high street stores, antique shops and salvage yards (yes, yards) that Bartlett used in Easy Elegance. It's an incredibly useful resource which I'll be using to mine for goodies over the next few weeks.

Also, the text does work really well as a commentary for the brilliant pictures - I would recommend Easy Elegance for the photography alone. Seriously. The book is packed with beautifully-shot images, all of which concentrate on the little details and give you a tonne of ideas.

And that's what I really like about Easy Elegance - it advises you on how to make your home unique to you without calling in the contractors or knocking down a wall. Thanks to the dreaded crunch it's not really a possibility for most of us to leave our current homes; perhaps it'll put an end to appeasing potential buyers with magnolia walls?

From flock wallpaper to antique bathtubs, there's loads of ways to make your house unique. What makes your house unique to you?

Flickr image from David Master's photostream.

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  1. Little personal touches make my house unique. I think it's the same for a lot of people. That cute little milk jug you put in the corner, with some flowers, or the pretty picture frame. It's always the little details that are the most personal, and the most fun.


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