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Tuesday 4 August 2009

Paint Palette: Summery Orange

As much as I love orange, it's really difficult to decorate with. Because once you've started, you end up moving into that whole Morrocan red, orange and yellow theme. And that's great, but it can be a little bit 'over-done'. My tip for making orange look fresh? Use it to brighten up blues, or to really contrast against purple and green. That way it should carry you through summer to autumn.

This Clarissa Hulse cushion is £60 from Heals. Don't limit it to the living room, use them to soften up your kitchen or dining room.

Want to make eating ice cream more fun? Then why not get yourself some of these bright spoons from Graham & Green. They're £5.95.

Love these home-inspired mugs. They're just one of the many many many things I want to buy from Hidden Art Shop.

See, orange isn't so difficult after all, is it?

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