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Tuesday 11 August 2009

Garden Candles: True Grace

I picked up a True Grace candle at the Something of a Domestic shopping event we had last month. I've only used it a couple of times, but I have to say that I'm a big fan already. Vine tomato isn't the first thing you'd think of when you're looking to buy a candle, but it reminds me of my Granddad's greenhouse when I was a kid. All sorts of lovely nostalgia for one little candle.

It smells fantastic, and the smell lingers long into the day after you've used it. True Grace also do refills for their glass containers. (Why has no one else thought of this?! That's a brilliant idea!) I think the 'Walled Garden' range is better suited to the balcony, or to get rid of strong cooking smells, but there's so many different scents, you won't have trouble finding one that you like.

You can buy them from the True Grace website for £12, or if you're in Bloomsbury, pop into the little garden shed in the garden at Something and buy one from there.


  1. That candle smelt amazing - I've been raving on about it ever since!I'm a bit too scared to smell any of the others as I may have to then BUY THEM ALL!

  2. It's lovely! It was really strong that day because it was so hot, but actually, it's much more subtle when it's burning.

    Very tempted to pop back to Something and try the other scents!

  3. I'm a big fan of these candles. The tomato plant one is really very lovely indeed...


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