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Monday 10 August 2009

Lovely Lovely Tea Towels for Lovely Lovely Ladies

I spotted these tea towels over on Bright.Bazaar and hot-footed it over to Lovely Lovely right away to take a look. One for every one of your favourite cities! And one for each of the Domestic Sluts too!

I'm a London girl at heart, so I'll take this one.

Gemma is a huge Vegas fan so she'll love this design.

I reckon Jane will be right at home in Tokyo.

Whereas Alex wouldn't so no to a trip to Paris.

And Christina would probably rather like the New York version to jazz up Miss Cay Mansions.

And the rest of the girls? Well there's a whole website of stuff for them to play with! Very Lovely Lovely things indeed.


  1. Bagsie the cherry table ware for me!

  2. Ah, I have the Paris one framed in my bedroom above my bed - there are pics of it on my blog :)
    Also - I have a great giveaway going on if anyone wants to stop by (shameless plug, I know..!)

    Thanks! x

  3. The Paris one is really lovely and definitely the most 'print friendly'.

    I really like them all, but I think the London one would be much more eye-catching if it wasn't in grey.

  4. Ah, Siany you know me so well! I'm *desperate* to visit Paris.

  5. I knew it :-)

    The Vegas one ties in neatly with Gemma's holidaying there next month.

    If I liked you all a *teensy* bit more, I'd buy you them all as presents.

  6. Ah, good choice m'dear, I do love the Tokyo one rather a lot. They're all pretty snazzy though, I think the London one works well in grey, but maybe that's me being boring!

  7. You know me *so* well! ;-) Love the Vegas one.

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