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Monday 17 August 2009

I heart this Rockett St George print

Last week you told us that in your house, the room that needs the most work is the bedroom. We've often lamented on Domestic Sluttery how to get a bedroom that works for both boys and girls. Somewhere soft, relaxing and calming but without straying into chintzy floral fluffiness. After all no man is going to feel relaxed in a room pitched somewhere between 6 year old fairytale princess and Barbara Cartland. Yet no Domestic Slut is going to put up with a gloomy bachelor boudoir either! That's why I am loving this print by Rockett St George.

Bless. Romantic enough to make even the coldest heart melt, yet not as cheesy as, say, a 'Love is...' picture. Manly in its monochrome colour scheme and the fact it doesn't actually say those three little words. But its all lacy and pretty too. And heart-shaped. Perfect. And pretty reasonable too at £40. Oh, and it even comes in pink, blue and gold! Hang it above the bed, et voila, unisex bedroom brilliance!

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