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Tuesday 18 August 2009

Recipe book from Lytton & Lily

Something about recipes makes me feel nostalgic. I still won't share my chicken and vegetable soup recipe, even if you begged me, you wouldn't get that out of me. (Although you can always try with a bit of bribery.) Recipes are so often handed down through friends and family members. They mean something. They're important to us. Because they make us feel like we're home. If I'm feeling down, my chicken soup recipe is the first thing that comes out.

A lot of the recipes we share on Domestic Sluttery are really special, and hopefully you're stood baking away with your laptop on your kitchen counter. But you've probably got your own recipes to add as well. And if you have, this hardback recipe book from Lytton and Lily will be perfect for you. You can print out our recipes and stick them in there too if you like. With added scribbles from when you play about and change things. Then you can pass down those recipes to someone else. Except maybe that one you keep a secret.


  1. Could your chicken vegetable soup recipe be similar to this one: chicken vegetable soup with noodles?

    Personally it's more convenient for me to save the recipes somewhere on my computer, provided, of course, it doesn't break.

  2. It's not totally dissimilar, but I think with any recipe you've played with over the years there's little tweaks you add that make it special. Not telling you what they are ;-)

    I totally agree about keeping recipes on your computer and the internet has really opened up cooking for me, but I still love a hand-written recipe. I'd love to be able to hand a family recipe book down through generations as well.


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