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Monday 10 August 2009

Love Miss Daisy Pearl Necklace

There's no easier way to dress up an outfit than with a string of pearls. A few well placed pearls will even make that tatty old pair of jeans look fancy. That is the power of the pearl.

I got very excited when I saw this double string from Love Miss Daisy. We've already shared with you how fantastic their dresses are, but this 50s double string pearl necklace is a real find. It's a bargain price of £15 which considering its condition is astounding. But it's the clasp at the back that's really got me excited.

I'm not expecting this piece to stick around very long. In fact, if one of you hasn't snapped it up by lunchtime, I might just have to.


  1. I can't believe that's only £15...

  2. It's sold already! I was going to buy that if it was still available at lunchtime. Dammit. I have to stop writing about things I wanna buy.

  3. I was the sneaky purchaser of this necklace. It arrived exactly as described by Love Miss Daisy. So I can certainly recommend them. As the necklace was in need of some TLC I searched the net for a restringing service and came accross the delightful Pearly Queen. ( I sent the necklace off to her in the post and it has arrived back within a week looking absolutely fantastic! She has cleaned the pearls, re-strung them even replaced the missing rhinestones! Her fee was a snip as well, so I can't praise her enough and recommend her to everyone!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Zoe! Pleased you're happy with your necklace! Pearly Queens sounds brilliant too, worth bearing in mind next time I'm buying antique bargains.


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