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Monday 3 August 2009

Kenneth Turner scented candles: fresh, white and fabulous

I like to think I'm Domestic Sluttery's resident candle expert, given the amount of them I've used over the last few years. Scented candles are a godsend, especially in small flats where you're not only forced to live with your own cooking smells, but often those of your neighbours too.

My latest tried and tested is Kenneth Turner's dinner light in White Flowers. What you see above is the much bigger and prettier lidded version (£23), which I'd definitely recommend having given the smaller one a go. It's heavily fragranced and you can smell it right down to the last few milimetres of wax, but the scent is a bit more subtle and sophisticated than the strong fruity / sweet scents you'll find from other brands. White Flowers blends some of my favourite fragrances; Jasmine, lilac and freesia with cyclamen and marigold, finishing with coconut and cassis. It's a gorgeous soft floral that's perfect if your idea of home decor piles of white pillows, fresh flowers on the mantlepiece and whitewashed shabby chic furniture.

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