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Monday 13 December 2010

All I want for Christmas: Cool Gifts for Kids (by Hadiqa, aged 12)

I don't really know anything about kids. I don't have any, I'm the youngest of two. Most of my cousins are around my age, and my friends are only just getting started on the whole baby fever thing. I really have no idea what kids want for Christmas (although I'm pretty sure robots and dinosaurs are a good place to start).

So I asked an expert.

Hadiqa is 12 and she loves cool things (frankly she's got better taste than us). Here's what she's going to be buying for her family this Christmas.

My cousin Amber came to stay this weekend, and we tried out these origami stars kits. They are a bit awkward but we enjoyed trying. We would get lots more of the Hello Kitty ones. They're only $2.60.

Amber’s and Aysha’s big sister is Ayka. She loves butterflies, so I would get her anything with butterflies on, like this butterfly cushion from Bonjour Mon Coussin.

My cousin Hisham loves cars, buses, trucks, anything with wheels on I would get him this car cup from Fishs Eddy because he likes to copy me and pretend he is drinking tea with me.

My brother Hasan likes to save his pocket money, and he is very stingy. So I think he would like to lock up his money in this safe (£30) but he likes to show off so he might like this money box too because you can see your money. Both are from the Science Museum.

For all of my brothers I would stick them in this pirate tent from Toys R Us so they would let me go on the computer!

For me, I like pretty things and I really like headbands so I would get this headband from Accessorize.

Thanks Hadiqa! I'm now considering employing you to do all of my Christmas shopping for me...


  1. That cushion is utterly gorgeous. Want!

    So when does Hadiqa start? ;)

  2. We'll keep you posted, Saffron! I imagine the day of her 16th birthday...


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