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Friday 3 December 2010

Panache Georgiana at ASOS

I do have a soft spot for pastel-coloured lingerie. The way I see it, high quality lingerie is already pretty darn sexy. It doesn't need to be a garish colour (no bright red, thank you very much), it doesn't need to be trashy (no cut-out ANYTHING). It just does what it does and lets you look your best when you're down to your smalls. And that's kinda the time you really want to look your best.

I stumbled upon this pink and purple Masquerade set by Panache Georgiana over on ASOS. It's surprisingly well priced, with the bra at £30 and the cute li'l shorts at £16. Any boys reading this? Take note: Girls will be very happy if these are left under the tree for them to unwrap on Christmas morning.

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