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Monday 13 December 2010

Happy Foxy Birthday!

It's tough finding birthday cards for anyone with a December birthday. The shops have crammed Christmas cards into every available rack, leaving you stuck unless you are (a) organised enough to buy cards in October, (b) crafty enough to appliqué 'Happy Birthday' over 'Merry Christmas' or (c) willing to buy one of those incredibly naff cards that every post office is seemingly contractually obliged to stock.

So thank goodness for Etsy - specifically, for Karolin Schnoor's range of moveable animal cards. Cut out the shapes, assemble them with the split pins provided, and ta-daaah - a cute birthday greeting that the recipient will want to keep. I adore the fox one, but it wouldn't be Domestic Sluttery if I didn't mention the owl card. At just £3.25 each plus 60p P&P, they won't break the bank - and as she's based in London, you shouldn't be waiting til next year for delivery.

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