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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Sluttery Beauty: Erno Laszlo, London

As you know, the Domestic Sluts are already super pretty, but sometimes even we need a little bit of help looking our best. So when I was offered a complimentary facial treatment at the new Erno Laszlo salon in Covent Garden, I was excited. Erno Laszlo is famed for giving acne-ridden princesses perfect skin, and Audrey Hepburn was a fan. That miss Hepburn had amazing skin.

I'd never had a facial before. This one was chosen specifically for me and my super sensitive skin (which had come out in a rash just days before, brilliant). I had a nose around the lovely venue. It's underneath L'Artisan Perfumeur in the cellars of Covent Garden market, and it feels like a super secret spa that you won't want to tell anyone about. Handy for you that I'm not a very good secret keeper.

The facial itself was super relaxing, if a little strange if you're not used to them. I didn't know I'd have to undress my top half, so that was a shock (note to self, don't go to facials wearing a dress). And having steam in your face is something you'll either enjoy or you won't. But I did find myself falling asleep once I'd got used to the prodding. I really enjoyed wearing moisturising mittens than felt like oven gloves. I also enjoyed trying not to giggle, aware of how ridiculous I must have looked.

Giggling aside (nothing to do with beauty expert Katie, who was fabulous and answered all of my questions, and didn't tell me off for having no real skincare routine), my skin looks pretty amazing now. It didn't change initially, and there was no real difference for the first 24 hours. And then BAM. Suddenly I looked healthy and well-rested. Like I hadn't had too many late nights and like I'd never had a drink in my life. Impressive.

The sixty minute facials at Erno Laszlo are between £45 and £60, which is a bargain considering how much better my skin feels. The skincare range they do isn't cheap, with each item coming in at £40. I haven't tried those yet. I've been assured that they last for months, and if they're as good as the facials, I might have to start investing. Anything that makes me look like I didn't stay out all night drinking cocktails throughout most of December worth paying for in my book.

You'll find Erno Laszlo at unit 13, The Piazza in Covent Garden Market. Perfect for making yourself pretty before Christmas parties, or sorting out your skin in the New Year.

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