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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Home Office: Jewelled Pencils

It's the time of year where I start plotting and scheming and make lists of secret things. I adore this time of year. And if I'm going to make lists and important 2011 plotting, I need new stationery. Specifically these bejwelled pencils from the always wonderful Nonesuchthings.

Each pencil has a different coloured Swarovski crystal at the end and they come in a nice box too. You can buy them individually for £2, or get the box for £10. I know they're expensive pencils, and I could just use that Biro I found in the bottom of my handbag, but these are very important plans and schemes, they need very pretty things. If a tidy desk means a tidy mind, sparkly pencils must mean sparkly plans.


  1. ooh, they're lovely, but I wish they'd make a biro version of them

  2. Ooh they're lovely. P&P is free at their makers website though, saving £3.50 :)

  3. They are very pretty.

    Bit naughty to say this but, you can buy loose Swarovski crystals at craft shops so you could easily make your own...

  4. Now I've put that, I'm wondering if there would be some kind of idea plagerism involved if you made your own. Or if it'd just be plain rude to pinch their idea.

    Please feel free not to publish either of these comments. I feel a bit bad now. x :-/


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