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Thursday 9 December 2010

Seriously, when are you going to grow up?

I adore this necklace from Lazy Oaf. It's the perfect stocking filler (for a very cool, very fancy stocking). It's £30 and just cheeky enough to make a statement, but not so offensive that you can't wear it to work. It's a childish font, which makes it just that little bit ironic. We've been longtime fans of Lazy Oaf, but it was this post by Fur Coat, no Knickers that alerted me to the prettiness that is this piece of cheeky bling.

So seriously, when are you going to grow up?


  1. This is SO cool...there are a few people I'd love to give this to as a gift, but you'd have to be careful with potential offence!

  2. I'd kinda like it if someone bought it for me. I'm honestly not *quite* ready to grow up!


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