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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Cute or Creepy? Giant Microbe Tree Ornaments

We delayed the inevitable as long as we could, but now it's December (and in Oxford Circus near where I work, the Christmas lights have already been up for what feels like ages), it seems like high time we showed you the strangest tree decorations we've ever seen.

These microbe tree ornaments come in an appropriately-festive Christmas tree-shaped box, and feature five cute and cuddly plush critters representing different icky germs and diseases, including the common cold and E. Coli.

And if that weren't bizarre enough, to make them extra festive each one has been kitted out with a Christmassy accessory, from the brain cell's striped candy cane to E. Coli's antlers and the common cold's Santa hat.

What do you reckon? Cool and quirky or infectious oddities? Either way, they're £19.99 for the set of five, including free delivery from Firebox.


  1. How could anyone hate them? Look at their faces! It would be like hating a kitten.

  2. As someone in our house always has a cold at Christmas, they're perfect. I like them!

  3. I must have them on a mini Christmas tree in my lab. My pupils will think I've gone (even more) crazy!


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