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Wednesday 15 December 2010

The Winner of the V&A Fashion Goodies!

Well we know we've got very stylish readers so we knew you'd jump at the opportunity to win some V&A style guides and a hat box filled with Berkeley Square's natural couture collection. And, judging by your comments, you've got excellent taste in Christmas clothing too. But there's only one winner and so it's time to find out who should be looking incredibly chic this Christmas time.

*drum roll*

Katherine! Congratulations! This Christmas day she's going to be looking incredibly snazzy as she'll be wearing "some ill fitted multi coloured creation", courtesy of her gran. That's the spirit Katherine - let's hope this year's creation is as good as last year's! Email us to let us know where to send your prize and please do remember to send us a photo of your Christmas knit. The rest of you can indulge your stylish side by pursuing the V&A Shop website and make sure you enter today's competition.


  1. well done Katherine xx

    (but how did I possibly miss entering for this one? sob!)

  2. OOOOOH!!!! That's meeee!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Thanks Domestic Sluttery! xxxxxxx


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