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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Beautiful vintage tins of goodness from Andrea Garland

Mention 'vintage beauty' and you'd no doubt think of the old bottle of 'Exclamation' perfume c.1989 festering in the chest-of-drawers in your bedroom. Time to think again. Andrea Garland's all-natural beauty range ticks all the right boxes. Organic products which are kind to your skin? Check. Recycled packaging at it's prettiest? Check. Kooky vintage appeal? Oh yes indeedy. Just look:

These aromatherapy skin and lip balms are lovingly packaged in beautiful, genuinely vintage (but sterilised first, natch) cosmetic tins, compacts and pots salvaged from a bygone era and even including retro sewing kit cases and pill boxes.

They're all completely unique, and best of all, you can return your tin to have it re-sterilised and filled again with the product of your choice when you run out. And with refills being much cheaper than the initial (teensy bit expensive) price, you'll even be saving money in the long run.

These kitsch compacts are total eye-candy and with prices starting at £14 for a lip balm, perfect for the Retro Queen in your life - or indeed as a treat for yourself. I'd certainly be proud to pull one of these out of my handbag, safe in the knowledge that I'm doing my bit for the environment - and my skin, too.


  1. Oh, how I want that swan one! My greatnana used to have a compact *just* like that. Sooooo pretty!!!

  2. This is such a lovely idea! They're pretty anyway, but with fun stuff inside that you can refill? Perfect.

  3. They're just gorge, ain't they? But which one to choose?!x


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