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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sexy Stationery: Papermash Paris Polariod Postcards

Want some unusual cards for your Christmas thank you notes? What about these lovely Paris Polaroid postcards from Papermash? They're unique, but they're also the perfect size. Which means you won't have to write a sprawling long letter to your great aunt when the only thing you can think of writing is "the reindeer jumper you knitted is eight sizes too big". Perfect.


  1. Beautiful! I may have to buy a pack to send to my lovely friends and a pack to display in my bedroom :)

  2. These would look lovely just stuck about a room, or on the inside of a cupboard door maybe.

  3. Love it - Paris and a cracking one-liner. They've got it all.

  4. Wow..
    That is really great to have this type of unique cards for a special person in our life. Paris Polaroid postcards may be from one of the options that i am wishing to send to my loved-ones.


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